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Preliminary Results for the CRL Human Rights Electronic Evidence Study

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah on May 10, 2011

Documentation distribution map. (C) CRL-GRN, Van Deusen Phillips & Simon, 2011

At long last, preliminary results for the Human Rights Electronic Evidence Study at the Center for Research Libraries are available.  Please see the report “Human Rights Electronic Evidence Study: Interim Report” (also available at  CRL’s webpage ) for a detailed discussion of how documentation becomes digitized and formalized as it moves through local networks of human rights organizations.  The report focuses on field observations from Chiapas, Mexico and Kigali, Rwanda, but we believe that the results may be generalizable to most local situations.  Our main finding: small organizations tend to document human rights violations either orally or with paper documentation, but then, as they work with larger organizations with more digital resources, the documentation is converted to digital formats.  Of course at all levels, what gets documented in the first place is determined by local needs and goals, so there is no real standard practice for documentation within these networks of organizations.

Coming soon: a summary of digital documentation practices for human rights organizations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


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