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Summary of MobileActive’s Mobile Data Resources

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah on December 7, 2010

On December 6, published a summary of the various mobile data collection resources they’ve collected and organized.  The data they’ve collected all focus on the role of mobile devices in the creation of digital documentation in humanitarian aid and human rights, and have been organized at the MobileActive site as follows:

  • Web content: A compilation of blog posts, case studies, and regular posts that focuses on data collection.
  • Peer Reviewed Research: A collection of journal articles, research papers, and literature reviews related to mobile data collection.
  • Reports and Evaluations: A matrix of 20+ case studies, broken down by issue, area of practice, target country, and type of evaluation.
  • How-Tos: Instructions for setting up many of the most popular data collection tools, such as ODK, RapidSMS, and EpiCollect.
  • Inventory: An inventory of current data collection projects around the world, compiled through user submissions and MobileActive’s research. Thanks to all who contributed!

Visit the complete post to access and review the “Ultimate Resource Guide” and associated spreadsheet that serve as navigation tools for MobileActive’s highly useful collection of product reviews, academic and technology research, reports on digital data projects and in the field, and much more.  These resources are constantly updated as the MobileActive team learns more, so take a visit and if you know of a resource they haven’t covered, let them know and they’ll add it to their resources lists, reviews, and databases.