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Human Rights Resources Profiles at CRL

Posted in Resources by Sarah on October 26, 2010

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As part of the Human Rights Electronic Evidence Study at CRL, we have been revamping our project Webpage to incorporate a variety of materials and resources.  A key feature of the Webpage is a series of Human Rights Resources Profiles, of which there are currently two (you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the Webpage to find the links).  More will be coming as our research progresses!  These profiles take a close look at different approaches that human rights groups take to digital archiving, as well as different archiving tools that are available to help practitioners establish their own digital archiving practices.  At this point, we have profiled the Web Ecology Project (WEP–also see an early blog post here) and WITNESS.   WEP offers a method for capturing and archiving ephemeral digital reports represented in Twitter tweets, while the WITNESS profile describes an integrated system for training activists in digital documentation and a model for archiving digital materials for human rights work.    Please visit the site and see how the project is progressing!


Check out–Networked Activism

Posted in Resources by Sarah on October 14, 2010

Image courtesy of is a Website maintained by the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM), a “non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, connecting, and supporting digital activists from around the world.”  The organization hosts a number of conferences and events around the world with an eye toward linking leaders in the technology industry with some of the world’s most influential digital activists (see About AYM for a more detailed discussion).    As stated in the mission statement:

Through the use of new technologies, grassroots activists have more capacity than ever to make change in their communities. Yet wired social movements continue to grapple with the challenges of scaling and sustaining themselves over time.  The Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping grassroots activists to build their capacity and make a greater impact on the world.

As part of it’s awareness-building effort, AYM maintains a blog at that covers recent developments and events related to digital activism.  A subsection of that blog, called  “Networked Activism, ” is dedicated to the role of digital technology and social media in activism.  Recent posts consider the impact of Facebook’s recent revamp on the platform’s use for activism, the emergence of group texting as a mobile app, and digital activism in Egypt, just to name a few topics.  This Website offers a wealth of information for digital activism and is a good resource for helping activists to establish or enhance digital tools in their efforts.  It is well worth a read.