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Causecast–an on-line community dedicated to using media in social justice

Posted in Resources by Sarah on September 20, 2010

Today, during my web crawling endeavors, I ran across the site for Causecast, a space created specifically for a variety of social cause groups–including human rights organizations–to network and share media.  The site features video footage presented by member groups and organized under the broad categories of Animlas, Arts, Enviornment, Health, and Human Rights.  As the two text quotes below demonstrate, Causecast is a tech start up company that seeks to create awareness of and attract financial support to serious non-profit initiatives in the areas listed.  The site also offers links to resources for becoming a volunteer with organizations or community actions that you support.   –Sarah


What is Causecast?

We are a newly-launched technology startup that aims to drastically increase online giving by providing cause-based knowledge, tools and social connections in a fun, rewarding environment. Located in sunny Santa Monica, CA, Causecast promises to be the first sustainable online platform for change.

It’s a startup environment, so you’re joining a team of passionate people who are “all hands in” to continue growing this exciting company! The job requires dedication and hard work, and extended evening hours will be necessary from time to time. We work hard and we play hard, and we’re looking for the same from our applicants! (from Job Opportunities at Causecast)

Who is Causecast?

Causecast, dubbed “a one stop philanthropy shop” by TechCrunch, is a platform where media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose.

People want to do good, want to be inspired, and want to inspire others to join them in giving back. Causecast makes this easy by providing users with means to CONNECT with people, leaders, charities, nonprofit organizations, and brands that inspire them.  (from Who We Are at Causecast)


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