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Inventories of Mobile Data Collection Resources

Posted in Resources by Sarah on September 15, 2010

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MobileActive’s “Ultimate Go-To Resource on Mobile Data Collection” has releasedits “Ultimate Go-To Resource on Mobile Data Collection”.  The organization has complied a multi-tabbed on-line spreadsheet available here that pulls together all sorts of information concerning the resources themselves, the organizations that created them, and the purposes they serve. The plan is to update this spreadsheet as folks at MobileActive learn of new resources.  It is well worth a look!

Resource Guides for Digital #activism

Via John Postill’s blog media/anthropology, we have a list he pulled from a course syllabus he found focusing on on-line tools for supporting digital activism:

Cyberspace Ethnography: Political Activism and the Internet
Dr. Maximilian C. Forte, Concordia University, Winter 2010

Mr. Postill’s post lists several links to a variety on-line resources drawn from the course cited above.  One of them is the “Quick ‘n Easy Guide to online advocacy” published by the Tactical Technology Collective.  This introductory guide shows newbies in digital activism how to take advantage of existing Web resources to get a short-term campaign up and running with little or no cost.

However, The “Quick ‘n Easy Guide”  raises one very important caveat–“They [the cited on-line resources] require a broadband connection and are not recommended for dial-up connections.”  This is a perennial challenge to on-line advocacy outside of the “developed” world–though the on-line resources themselves are free or cost very little, access to them can be prohibitively expensive.  As the field of digital activism continues to grow, we need to constantly think about this problem and devise ways of ensuring that the people who need access to these tools the most can get a hold of them, as they are often prevented from using them because of financial barriers.


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