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Yale Conference: Access to Knowledge 4 to Focus on Knowledge & Human Rights

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah on January 27, 2010

Image courtesy of Yale Law School

The Yale Information Society Project is hosting their Access to Knowledge 4 conference February 11-13, 2010.    As stated on the conference website, the overall focus of the conference concerns the following:

Access to knowledge (A2K) is about designing intellectual property laws, telecommunication policies, and technical architectures that encourage broader participation in cultural, civic, and educational affairs; expand the benefits of scientific and technological advancementl and promote innovation, development, and social progress across the globe.

This year’s particular focus will focus in particular on the intersection between access to knowledge and human rights, noting that, “The right to take part in cultural life, to share in scientific progress, the rights to education, health care, and food: all are impacted by policies and movements around intellectual property and Internet freedom.”

Themes include:

  • Access to Knowledge and International Human Rights
  • Technologies of Dissent
  • The Right to Culture and Science
  • Digital Education and The Right to Learn

See the entire post at for a complete discussion of the conference.


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