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New Tactics Dialogue via WITNESS Media Archive

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah on January 27, 2010

Logo image courtesy of New Tactics (

Grace Lile at WITNESS Media Archive has posted information about the New Tactics Dialogue starting today and running through February 5, 2010.  She writes:

Documenting Violations: Choosing the Right Approach is an online dialogue being facilitated by New Tactics in Human Rights, beginning today and running through February 5, 2010. From NT:

“This dialogue will feature practitioners that have developed database systems to document human rights violations, organizations on the ground documenting violations, and those that are training practitioners on how to choose the right approach and system for their documentation. We will look at options for ways to collect, store and share your human rights data safely and effectively. If you are trying to figure out the best documenting system for your work – or if you have found something that works well, please join us for this conversation to share your questions, ideas, resources and stories!”

See the complete post at WITNESS Media Archive for more information about this program.


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