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Archiveros sin Fronteras: Barcelona Group Archives Fragile Human Rights Documentation

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah on November 6, 2009

Archiveros sin FronterasArchiveros sin Fronteras (or Archivists Without Boarders, in English) is a non-profit organization operating out of Barcelona, Spain.  The goal of the organization is to preserve endangered human rights documentation throughout the Spanish speaking world.  As they state on their web page:

Los valores de identidad, memoria, derecho a la información y defensa de los derechos humanos son elementos consubstanciales en nuestro trabajo cotidiano y constituyen valores universales que inspiran la manera de actuar de nuestra entidad.

The principles of identity, memory, right to information and defence of human rights are inherent elements in our daily work and constitute universal values that inspire the way of acting of our organization.

The organization has a number of projects currently underway ( project descriptions are not currently available in English) in Fez, Morocco and  Catluña, Spain, as well as a salvage operation in Latin America (Recuperación de Archivos y Documentos en el Cono Sur y de Dictaduras y Gobiernos represivos en Iberoamèrica (2005-2007)) to preserve documentation of repressive regimes.  One of their larger on-going projects in Latin America is helping to organize the Guatemala’s National Police Archive.

The site offers project descriptions and updates, an archive of project reports, and announcements for various international events in human rights archiving.  There are also links to news items concerning human rights archiving efforts in the Spanish-speaking world.  Some of these resources are translated to English, but the majority are only in Spanish.


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