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The Lede: How Social Media Can Inform Reporting

Posted in Human Rights news by Sarah on October 20, 2009
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Image courtesy of /

One of the important trends emerging in human rights work is the potential of social media and Web 2.0 to both inform the world of human rights issues and to create and disseminate first-hand accounts of events, abuses, political movements, and the like.  The New York Times runs a news blog, called The Lede, that illustrates how a variety of social media sources can be fact-checked and pulled into running coverage of breaking news and events.  Not all of their coverage concerns human rights material, but they have been regularly covering events in Iran since the contested presidential elections in June and the material they’ve pulled together is accessible through their archived articles.  Social media that get included in coverage include YouTube videos, photos from a variety of photo-sharing platforms, Twitter tweets, blogs, alternative press sites, and the like.


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