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Web Ecology Announces Free Translation Tool

Posted in technology, Twitter by Sarah on September 20, 2009

The Rosseta Stone.

The Rosseta Stone. Image courtesy of

The Web Ecology project (covered in the post from September 4, 2009) announced the release of their first open source resource tool on Friday September 18, 2009.  The tool works with Google’s language tools to detect, translate, and transliterate print language on the Web.  In the words of Jon Beilin, the author of the announcement:

One of the tenets of Web Ecology is accessibility to the field through open tools and open data. At the Web Ecology Project, we’re working to get more of our code in a clean, commented, and releasable state. The first tool that we have queued up for release is a Python module allowing easy use of Google Language Tools, involving language detection and translation, with transliteration in an experimental state (Google has not yet released the API spec for the transliteration portion so that was reverse-engineered).

Please visit the full post describing the Google Language Python Module to see an example of how the code will work for translating print material on the Web, and to download the the program, which is an MIT/X11-licensed release.  Web Ecology plans to continue developing and making Web research tools available, so keep an eye on the site to learn more as developments emerge.


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